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At Keaney Interiors, our goal is to understand both the culture and direction of your company to improve the way you do business. We understand that providing the right solution starts by asking the right questions. That’s why we guide you through our proven process to discover what products best suit your budget, timeline and how your employees work.

In addition to providing our clients with quality office furniture for every function, design and price, we offer a team approach to solving your workplace needs. Our people are highly trained professionals who understand the demands and dynamics of today’s work environments. They have the expertise and commitment to provide you with the appropriate, creative and flexible solutions. And we work with you at every turn to make the process as simple and straightforward as possible.

One of our goals at Keaney Interiors is to be a ‘turnkey’ provider to our clients. Moving from one facility to another, upgrading your existing space or just buying new furniture brings with it more issues than most people would first expect. At Keaney Interiors, we are the experts in everything from floor coverings, to window treatments, to wall coverings.

Our clients find that by using a single source to co-ordinate their entire office motif results in substantial savings in time and expense Keaney Interiors’ strives to consistently meet the needs of growing businesses by nurturing relationships, applying our knowledge and resources, and performing as the single source for the workplace.

our mission
Our mission is to continually improve the business environments of each of our clients through value-oriented products, responsive delivery and employees who are dedicated to exceed the expectations of our customers. We strive to develop long term relationships with our manufacturers and a stimulating and rewarding work place for our employees.
our values

Integrity: We are honest and trustworthy in our endeavours

Teamwork: We work together and support each other, caring about each other’s successes and challenges.

Consistency: We are consistent in our efforts and fair in our decisions.

Communication: We listen to each other, seek feedback, and accept 100% responsibility to communicate

Professionalism: We are professional in our approach and in our actions.

our services

  • survey analysis

  • space planning

  • Interior design

  • installation

Our philosophy at Keaney Interiors is that the answer to an efficient and effective office begins with a comprehensive survey of the individuals’ needs in the workplace. We ask the right questions. We analyse the particular requirements of the workspace. We observe the complex interactions of people in their work environment to ensure that both people and information flow smoothly.
The conclusion drawn from survey analysis becomes the basis for our design principles. A floor plan is quickly and accurately produced with the assistance of our in house Computer Aided Design (CAD) system and many years of office planning experience. As depicted by the design, the three dimensional scaled drawing gives the client an excellent interpretation of office flow. The floor plan is done generically which enables us to specify products within the clients budget during the interior design.
Our interior design department utilizes resources from a widespread variety manufacturers of office furnishings and accessories, some of which are LACASSE, SOFTCARE/KRUG, HAWORTH, BRC, KI, Borgo Seating, and ARTOPEX PLUS. Representing this extensive number of product lines enables us to choose the finest quality products available in all price ranges. Our goal is to provide solutions within our clients budget while maintaining the highest value of product for their investment.
A successful installation is the key to customer satisfaction. Our installers are manufacturer trained and certified professionals. They service our customers with special attention whether they are delivering a desk or installing complex ‘systems furniture.’ Our vast experience allows us to bring your project to a successful conclusion as we have for hundreds of customers for three generations.

Our suppliers